An energetic company providing quality built homes for our customers with custom drawn home plans and one on one builder to customer relationships.


  • Caring and enduring relationships with others
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Excellence, nothing less
  • Enjoying our work
  • Health and well-being of all our employees


Lang Builders, Inc is a small company that has been in business for a little over 30 years. Started in Tim Lang’s home and then moving to 620 Civic Heights drive, Suite 100, Circle Pines in 1998.

Tim Lang started helping his grandfather build at the age of 14; it sparked an interest with him. Tim attended trade school in St. Cloud and began working with a commercial contractor. He studied as much as he could and learned about the different home building techniques, market trends, and customer interests.

In 1984 Tim had built his first home in Circle Pines, MN and really enjoyed the experience of working directly with the buyer. He realized this was what he wanted to do full time in his future. In 1991 Tim Lang Builders became Lang Builders, Inc. and has stayed that way ever since. Lang Builders, Inc began taking on remodeling and additions to homes and continued to grow.

Tim Lang believes buyers should not have to deal with the frustrations of construction, so he takes pride in the fact that Lang Builders, Inc has high standards and precise timing to get a job finished in a timely matter. Home owners have always praised Lang Builders, Inc on how smoothly construction projects have gone for them. This is one of the reasons they love working with Lang Builders, Inc.

Another reason buyers choose to work with Lang Builders, Inc is because of their superior customer service. This level of satisfaction with customers brings in referrals to Lang Builders, Inc over and over through the years. Unfortunately, a few customers, over the years have not been completely satisfied regardless of Lang Builders, Inc efforts to make the buyer happy. Tim and his staff tried to do all they could and sometimes there is someone you cannot make happy.

We have a saying, “Once a Lang home, always a Lang home.” We have built for our family members, brothers and sisters, and now their children are starting to build with us. It is a great honor to be able to carry the Lang Builders, Inc name this far. Tim Lang builds every home as if it was his own home!

Lang Builders, Inc holds honesty and trust as a cornerstone in our business. We believe in being truthful to our customers and explaining to them the details of a job. When a customer is hiring us for a remodel job Tim makes sure they understand what will and will not help for future resale value. Buyers are always very thankful to Tim for helping them decide the best choices for their remodel job, whether they are moving soon or staying for a long time.

Lang Builders, Inc subcontractors are also held to very high standards of performance and professionalism. Many of our subcontractors we have used for many years because they are reliable, and have quality workmanship. Sure there are other subcontractors who may be able to do the job for less money, but it is not always about the money. It is about the high standards Lang Builders, Inc requires on the homes he is working on, if a subcontractor does not meet those standards they will have to do it again until it is right. Tim Lang also believes in paying subcontractors in a timely matter so their working relationship stays strong and stable to provide the best work for the buyers.