After more than 30 years of creating and building mid and upper end custom homes in the western, northern, northeastern, and southern suburbs of the Twin Cities Lang Builders, Inc., takes pride in the fact that they take the time to listen to their customers' ideas and dreams so they can design and build a house that is as unique and individual as they are. And each time Lang builds a house, they get one more idea or make one more discovery about how to do something or offer something that is just a little bit better.

It is this unique approach to expanding their product through customer input that has garnered several awards for Lang Builders, including several Trillium Awards and several Reggie Awards, Best Design Home, Best Interior Design, Best Kitchen Design, and Best Fireplace. "We really listen to what our customers have to say. I try to incorporate the ideas buyers have," says Lang. "We don't listen to them and then tell them that is not the way they want to do it. It is their home to enjoy and live in, and we are in a constant state of flux -- getting better ideas, new ideas, updating ideas and always changing for the better."






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